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July 31, 2009

Long Posts

Having re-read a couple of my posts on here (including last night's), I have had the conclusion reinforced that Blogger really needs an easy way to shorten posts by adding a "read more" link so that I can control how much of the post I want to show up on the front page.

Yes, I know there are ways out there on the web to do it, and I will probably eventually do that, but I want something easy! I want a button at the top of the posting box that says "insert break here" or something like that. Hell, Livejournal has that much! Why can't Blogger?

It's the only thing where I prefer Livejournal to Blogger. Otherwise, Blogger is where it's at.

Incidentally, any thoughts on why I keep typing "Liverjournal" instead of "Livejournal?" Dementia, maybe?


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