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August 10, 2009

Blackhawks' Patrick Kane charged with assaulting a cabbie.

Rookie phenom Patrick Kane and his friends charged with attacking a cabbie over 20 cents change?

The Chicago cabbie claims that he was "punched and hit by both men because he did not have 20 cents in change to give them, according to the police report."

Wow, this is completely insane. If this is true, it's yet another instance of money and fame going to a young kid's head. I've heard reports (so, admittedly, they might not be true) that Kane supposedly was also shouting "don't you know who I am?", which is the mating call of celebrities who think their fame entitles them to do anything that they want. He also doesn't seem to have grasped the fact that actually, the NHL isn't that big in the States, so it's very possible the cabbie hadn't heard of him.

Kane is such a phenomenal hockey talent. If this is true, it's a real shame. I hope he truly learns something from this experience and becomes a lot more humble. And it's another blow to a Blackhawks organization that looked so good last year, but seems to be flailing away in this off-season. They really don't need this.

Way to think of your team, Patrick.

*Edit: I read the article too fast. It's Patrick and his cousin, not his "friends" as I stated above. Whoops!


  1. Nice. It *is* the mating call of the young, spoiled and famous (although possibly in their minds only) isn't it. Apparently the old guy (and the cabbie is an old guy) found out later that he was a hockey player. Too bad Kane won't take this to the ice and only to 60-year-old cabbies. Blah.


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