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August 13, 2009

More Vick News...

So, Michael Vick has reportedly been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. Given my previous post on the Steelers being interested in him, it's funny that he's still in Pennsylvania.

I've already heard a few people say that they're done with the NFL, and that's certainly their prerogative. I'm afraid I have to disagree with those people, though, for mostly the same reasons mentioned in the earlier post. I'm curious why it is that you think the NFL is now worthless because of Vick being signed by somebody (I can understand, though not agree with, being done with the Eagles, but not the entire league)? Why didn't you abandon the league after Goodell came out and said that he could potentially play for any team that did sign him?

And why hasn't the numerous run-ins with the law, including Donte Stallworth pleading guilty to manslaughter charges for his DUI, caused you to abandon the league? What about all of the other run-ins with the law, where often they get off with a comparative slap on the wrist?

Do you disagree with the 18-month sentence that Vick served? Fair enough, but that's not the NFL's fault. As far as I'm concerned, Vick has served his time and, supposedly, has been rehabilitated. I love Tony Dungy, and he's taken Vick under his wing and will be mentoring him. I believe (and hope that he doesn't eventually prove me wrong) that Vick has repented. I think that it would be even better if he started doing public service messages and other things to bring to light what he did and how wrong it was.

But I certainly don't think that he should be permanently banned. And I am not going to stop following the league just because some team decided to take a flyer on him.

I'm just glad Pittsburgh didn't sign him. Again, for reasons given in that earlier post, but which can be summed up by saying "I think he's overrated and not as good as everybody says he is." Not because of his crime.


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