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August 15, 2009

Saturday Plans

We've got a busy day today, so there's a chance I won't have the opportunity to post anymore today. On the other hand, I could have enough time to do another 80s post, so who knows?

First, we're headed off to Coquitlam to get our three rat patients' staples removed. As I've said before, it's kind of a pain to have to go out that far, but this vet is definitely worth it, for both quality and economic reasons. All three rats are doing fine, and the boys were integrated into the girls' cage with relatively few problems earlier this week.

Then, we're heading back home but going out to lunch with the mother-in-law. She lives out in Coquitlam, but since we can't leave the rats anywhere while we go, she's actually coming downtown and we'll eat out here somewhere.

Finally, we're going to pick up the portable air conditioner that we ordered yesterday at Futureshop. The last heat wave ended a couple of weeks ago after 6 days of hell, but it's supposed to heat up this week, so we thought it might be the time to finally do it. It'll be good to have in the future, as well.

Of course, the Weather Network has kept changing the forecast on us, so who knows what it's going to be doing? When we looked a few days ago, it was a straight line for four days of 32 degrees (that's around 90 for you Americans :P) with heat indexes higher than that. Then, they lowered the temperatures so that the heat indexes would be around 32 but the actual temperatures would be in the high 20s with only one day over 30. Now they don't have any temperature over 30 though a couple of the heat indexes are 34 and 35. So I don't know what to think.

Personally, I think the temperatures are starting to go down because we bought the damn thing. If it's worked as an insurance policy against higher heat, then all the better.

Wow, that rambled a bit. I guess my brain is also thinking it's the weekend. Hope everybody has a good day.


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