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August 2, 2009

Star Trek book schedule - 2010

Just saw the list of Trek books scheduled for 2010 on Steve Roby's blog. Decided that I'd weigh in with my thoughts on them as well. Incidentally, is it just me or is this the year of David Mack? Still, I can't think of a better Trek author to be over-exposed than Mack.

Sorrows of Empire by David Mack

Expansion of Mack's Mirror Universe story from Glass Empires. Not sure if I'm going to check it out or not, but I agree with Steve that I don't like this using up a monthly slot on Pocket's schedule. Especially since another month will be taken up with a New Frontier reprint.

Inception by S.D. Perry

A novel that takes place before the Original Series, with Kirk, Spock, Dr. Carol Marcus and Leila Kalomi (the woman Spock meets again in the episode "This Side of Paradise"). Hmmm. Two of our heroes before they were our heroes, and their old flames (well, Leila tried to be Spock's flame, but failed)? Could be interesting, and I've usually liked Perry's work. May have to wait for reviews on this one.

Treason by Peter David (mass market reprint)

Another bloody reprint! And I don't follow New Frontier, so I won't be getting this one.

The Children of Kings by Dave Stern

A story taking place on Christopher Pike's Enterprise? I'm so there, though Stern has never struck me as the most fascinating author. I don't think any Pike story will surpass Burning Dreams by Margaret Wander Bonanno, but that's the book that made me a Pike fan to begin with, so there you go.

Speaking of whom...

Unspoken Truth by Margaret Wander Bonanno

A Saavik novel that takes place after Star Trek VI? Pocket's really trying to fill in some gaps in the first part of 2010. Still, I've been a fan of the character since Star Trek II, and almost always liked Bonanno's work (Catalyst of Sorrows notwithstanding) so I'll definitely be checking this one out. Wonder if this will dovetail with the official novel continuity that she and Spock eventually married?

June (possibly July)
Untitled New Frontier by Peter David [trade paperback]

Well, at least it's not taking up a spot on the schedule, being a trade paperback.

Refugees by Alan Dean Foster

Starting in June, there will be four books that are set in the time period of last year's smash hit movie by J.J. Abrams. Not too sure about these novels, as there is so little established and the sequel could go in any direction. I guess this puts us back in the 1980s era, when Star Trek books were published not knowing where the next movie would go or what it would establish.

Not sure I'll pick these up, but I'll probably look at the reviews and see if they're worth reading. Foster is not one to get me started, though.

Seek a Newer World
by Christopher Bennett

Putting Bennett's name on the next book, however, may get me to at least give them a try.

More Beautiful than Death by David Mack

Damn them! They know how to suck me in. Must resist temptation........ah, hell. I'll probably buy it.

September has another, untitled Movie-era book, so we'll obviously have to wait and see on that one.

Seize the Fire (TITAN) by Michael Martin

And here's where things start to get interesting. The Destiny trilogy last year set up "The Typhon Pact," designed to oppose the Federation and its widening influence in the Borg-devastated galaxy. This is the first book that will be dealing with the Pact. Will be interesting to see what they do with it all, but it's nice to see it will cross-over into most of the series.

Zero Sum Game (AVENTINE) by David Mack

ANOTHER Mack book???? Damn them! And an adventure with Captain Ezri Dax and the Aventine as well (also introduced in Destiny). It's by Mack, so I'm definitely there, but since I want to stay caught up on the current novel continuity, I'd be there anyway.

The Rough Beasts of Empire (DS9) by David R. George III

David R. George III! He's another must-buy. Glad to hear he's returning to Trek, after the excellent Crucible series. I'm not sure I'm happy with bumping the DS9 relaunch timeline up to be current with the other series, however. There are too many ongoing storylines in the relaunch that will either be cut off or abruptly resolved. I'm hoping this is a one-time thing and the next DS9 book will be back in its own time period.

January 2011
Path of Disharmony
(TNG) by Dayton Ward

Dayton Ward? Another must-buy, even if it wasn't more current-novel continuity. Will this resolve the whole Typhon Pact thing, or will they still be simmering in the background, available for other stories? I hope this at least resolves the story that's beginning in Seize the Fire.

It looks like it should be an interesting year for Trek novels next year. Of course the rest of 2009 looks awesome as well.

I also notice that there is no Keith R.A. DeCandido next year (or the rest of this year, either) other than maybe as the editor of the Corps of Engineers compilation. Wonder if that means anything or if he's just busy with other things. *edit* Whoops! He has a short story in an anthology scheduled to come out in late 2010. Still, I think that was pushed back from this year, so it's been written for a while.

Anyway, these are good times in Trek novel land. Looks like the beginning of the year is made completely up of standalones, so those of you wanting to dip your toes into the water should have plenty to tempt you!


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