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August 9, 2009

Twitterfeed Working Normally Again?

Over the last few days, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and possibly a few others have been under a DDOS attack (that's Distributed Denial of Service) caused by huge numbers of computers trying to access their pages at the same time. It's designed to take down sites, and Twitter itself was down for a large part of Thursday (or Friday, can't remember) morning.

Because of this, Twitter has been restricting its API and this has affected many programs and applications that use its API to function. For me, the only thing that's been affected is Twitterfeed, which is how I get these blog posts automatically posted on to Twitter and Facebook. I've been doing them manually since this all started.

Now, according to Twitterfeed, this problem may be easing. Kudos to Twitter for even managing to stay up after their outage despite the attacks continuing, and kudos to the rest of them for never really going down (though Facebook and Blogger were having some problems during that time period).

This post is partially to spread the news and partially to test and see if Twitterfeed is actually working now.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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