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August 28, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

Ever flown and, when you got to the airport, you discovered that your luggage was in really bad shape?

Canadian singer Dave Carroll had this problem with United Airlines, and his treasured guitar. The full story is here, but basically he didn't get much help from United's customer service. So he wrote some songs instead, like all musicians do.

More after the jump.

The first song is below.

Here's the second song, with a third one promised soon.

Both of the videos are hilariously done. Watch them and laugh! And sympathize.

Make sure you stay until after the short credit scroll on video #2. And apologies for the size of them, but they really should be seen "widescreen"


  1. This was funny but the 2nd video kept breaking up so couldn't reall hear it all. This is why I'm keeping my luggage with me in Oct.


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