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September 4, 2009

Currently Reading...

and exercising with, the 684 page doorstop otherwise known as Marcus Aurelius: A Life, by Frank McLynn. I'm about 40 pages in and it's already interesting. And my biceps are bigger, too!

Last year I read McLynn's Richard & John: Kings at War and really liked it, despite it being a long slog to get through because of McLynn's writing style. I didn't realize when I picked up the Aurelius book that it was by the same author. Now, I feel a little daunted.

But I shall persevere!!!! I'll see you in about three weeks, I think. Seriously, though, I do plan to get a large chunk of it done this weekend, since I have a four-day weekend (took today as a vacation day and then Labour Day on Monday). Here's to hoping that I will succeed.

And if you don't see me by Monday, come running with some smelling salts.

*9/7/09 Update* By the end of today, I should be almost half way through it, which is pretty good. Not as good as I had hoped, but better than I thought I would do. The book's decent, but it is kind of a slog like McLynn's other book.


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