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October 4, 2009

The Devil Inside - Jenna Black (Review Posted)

Just a quick note before I start watching football today.

As I stated in my last "book haul" post, I was reading Jenna Black's The Devil Inside  I finally got my review posted on Epinions.

One thing I definitely didn't know when I posted originally (since I was only on page 100) was that the book not only has a few sex scenes (more than Day's "Marked" books, actually), but it also delves into the world of S&M too.  Since demons can very quickly heal the bodies of the humans they inhabit, there isn't even a risk of doing any permanent damage to the subject involved, which can make it very thrilling for both the sadist and the masochist.

To give a quick blurb about the book, taken from my previous post:

"it stars Morgan Kingsley, who is an exorcist in a world where demons are rather commonplace. In fact, demon possession is rather commonplace, so much so that some humans choose to host demons.  The ones who do so when the host doesn't volunteer, those are the ones who Morgan has to get rid of.  But she's got a problem.  She's discovering that she might be hiding one of her own."

So be warned on that.  Otherwise, it's a very good book.  I'll let you read the review for the rest of my opinion, though.


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