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November 19, 2009

More Red Dawn Info

Hey, have you heard that they're remaking that "classic" (I use that term loosely, though I loved it) 80s movie, Red Dawn?  You did if you were on this blog at the beginning of the month!

Turns out I was wrong about the locale.  They're shooting in Michigan, but according to, the movie actually takes place in Spokane, Washington.  I guess that allows them the mountain setting!

The writer of the post has apparently seen a copy of the script.  Here's a sample of what it contains:

Who knows how much of it will make to the final cut, since I’d bet good money that they’ll be aiming for a PG-13, but as I said, a lot of Chinese people die, and there are plenty of “so-and-so gets his face blown off!” moments in the script.  And I like that.  Oh, and as a funny aside, like 70% of the set directions end in a an exclamation point.  Like: Bob goes to the store, only… it’s full of CHINESE SOLDIERS!  He ducks under the counter but… they shoot him in the face! I’ll admit, it does keep things exciting."

I know I'm pumped!  Well, actually, not really.  This sounds like it's going to be a lame remake of a cult classic.  And while it sounds like there won't be a lot of lefty platitudes, I just don't trust Hollywood not to do that.  Of course, the basic premise is kind of a lefty platitude (worldwide financial crisis caused by the US), but they don't have to invade!  Just send a collection agency or something.

Of course, you should read the whole thing. There's some good stuff in there.

(h/t: Jonah Goldberg)


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