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November 8, 2009

Two new reviews posted - Eve of Chaos & The Touch

Two new book reviews got posted to Curled Up With a Good Book today, ending a long dry spell (in case any of you have been wondering, you haven't missed me posting anything).  Both are excellent books, though you have to be the right reader for them.

The first book is S.J. Day's Eve of Chaos, third book in "The Marked" series about the ongoing war between Heaven and Hell, and how a young woman named Eve has become the latest of God's bounty-hunters to take care of the demon infestation on this planet.  Each continent has a front corporation where this bounty-hunting organization is run out of, and all of the archangels are competing too.  Eve is torn romantically between the two original brothers, Alec Cain and Reed Abel, and this book furthers these relationships as well.

Warning for sensitive readers who haven't read my reviews of the first two books:  this series definitely has some explicit sex in it.  But as long as you don't mind that, it's a fascinating series both from the relationship point of view as well as the setting Day gives us.  You should give it a try (or at least the review, anyway).

The second book is F. Paul Wilson's The Keep, a new publication of a book originally published back in 1985.  It's ostensibly part of Wilson's "Adversary Cycle," though I don't know if it was before or not.  It's a great book about a man who develops "the Touch" (the "Dat-tay-vao") after being touched by a homeless person.  This "touch" gives him the ability to heal the sick of any ailment that they are suffering from, but only for at certain times of the day.  This novel shows how even the most beneficient things can have a price that may be too high.

Both books are very good and well worth a read.  Even if they're not to your taste, I'm sure the reviews will be.

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