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December 3, 2009

Jessie Ventura Antics

I see former wrestler and Minnesota governor, not to mention Navy SEAL, Jessie Ventura is adding luster to his sterling reputation.  He was on the Opie & Anthony show on Sirius FM yesterday and got into an animated discussion with comedian Jim Norton, who is a regular on the show.  Jim Norton is often on Fox News' Red Eye, and I've always liked watching him.  Sure, he can be crude and some of his humour can be a little forced, but I still like watching him and it's nice to see a conservative voice in the comedy field.

After this argument, I have even more respect for him.

Warning: strong language in this video.  Definitely NSFW.

I used to kind of like Ventura, in a "man, isn't he crazy?" kind of way.  He was like that weird uncle who you enjoyed listening to even as he prattled on about some of the wildest things.  And I definitely love our military and value his service to the country.

However, now he's become a gasbag 9/11 Truther who always seems to resort to the "Chickenhawk" method when he can't think of any other way to win the argument.  Yeah, Jesse.  You're a big tough, former military guy.  We're just peons who couldn't know any better.  And we sure intimidate easily, don't we?  You're a real tough guy, Jesse.

And you're still an ass.

(h/t: Hot Air)


  1. He was interesting to have as a Governor, that's for sure... unlike most politicians, he always says exactly what he thinks without holding back. Unfortunately, it doesn't always make you think better of him!

    (Still, I will always fondly remember his Governorship for his interview with Playboy magazine, in which he stated that he wanted to be reincarnated as a DD sized bra... good times.)

  2. LOL I was hoping you'd comment on this, as one of my few Minnesota friends (since the Minnesota family member will never see this :P)

    I remember thinking it was quite cool that he was running, even cooler that he won, but I didn't have to live under him. Haven't heard too many compliments about that.

  3. Thank you for your service, McMaaaaaaaaan. *flip pink boa*

    the wife

  4. Stop hiding from your Minnesotan family members! ;)

    I kind of didn't mind him as Governor, but you probably know that I have a weird sense of humor about things, and I don't like to be bored (and he was definitely not boring!)... he really seems to have gone off the deep end a bit in the past few years, though.

  5. I'm not hiding! They're hiding from me. :P

    And I'd say "deep end" is an understatement.


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