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December 1, 2009

Too many thoughts to tweet!

My drive home is the pretty much the same, day in and day out, unless I'm running an errand or something.  So, while my attention is still riveted on the road and traffic, parts of my mind just start to wander.  This is sometimes the result (though sometimes I've had these thoughts before but just never written them down):

1) Am I the only one who wonders, when they see Geraldo Rivera anywhere, who died?  I know I would not want to see him outside of my apartment building any time soon (which is a nice way to say "never").

2) How expensive a restaurant is is proportional to the overall hotness of the waitresses.  This applies to sit-down restaurants only.  When I say that, I'm speaking on average, of course.  I have no idea if this applies to waiters as well.

3) The amount of time it takes for a computer program or web site to open is inversely proportional to the amount of time you actually have available to wait for it.  This also applies to garage doors of apartment buildings where you are supposed to wait until it's totally closed to drive forward, for security reasons.

4) I want to do one of those viral videos that get forwarded to millions of people until they show up on shows like Red Eye, Bill O'Reilly (How Dumb is That!), and other shows that offer up strange videos.  Unfortunately, all my cat does is scream for treats.  And I'm allergic to having my head caved in while trying to skateboard.

5) One of the guys I follow on Twitter actually said "My Tweeter is broken."  Doesn't that just sound nasty?

6) Joy Behar has an oxymoronic name

7) Why isn't ClimateGate more of a story in the media?  Why isn't it a story at all, if all you read are the regular papers or all you watch is the 6:00 news?  And why does every scandal have to end in "Gate?"  When I take the last cookie without telling my wife, should that be called "CookieGate?"

And then I got home and decided "Hey, maybe I'd better write these down!"


  1. You do think the strangest things,but I love you anyway. You are DEEP.It,s always fun to read your thoughts. Keep them coming.


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