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December 6, 2009

Vancouver Canucks - The Curse of the Trap Game

My latest post at, about yesterday's horrible Canucks game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

"As Vancouver Canucks fans, we’re all familiar with the problem this team usually has: playing down to the level of the competition. I can’t count how many bad teams that the Canucks have just barely beaten, including the Maple Leafs earlier this season. It’s a quality that no Canucks team, no matter how talented and successful, can seem to get rid of. Add that quality to a third game in four nights (and an afternoon game, to boot), and many Canucks fans were worried about yesterday’s date with the Carolina Hurricanes. It had all the symptoms of the classic “trap” game."

It was not fun to watch.

Please read the rest and let me know what you think.


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