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January 5, 2010

Mini-minor hockey

One of the cool things about being at a Canucks game is the first intermission where they sometimes have a bunch of kids play a little bit of hockey on the huge ice (relatively speaking, of course).

These are 8 and 9 year-olds who get just a little time (about 5 minutes) to shine in front of almost 19,000 people. I often wonder if we're seeing a future Sidney Crosby or Joe Sakic out there on the ice. They play with such enthusiasm, and it's really fun to watch. Hearing the crowd (what's remaining of it who aren't getting beer or something) roar when one of them score is quite exhilerating.

Here's a pic, taken from very high up. They look smaller than the regular players! (Peanut Gallery: "No shit, Sherlock")

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  1. We have the same thing at Australian Football (AFL) matches. An Aussie Rules field is truly huge so you can get up to a dozen mini games happening. Its great to see the kids get out and playing on the same pitch as the big guys.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys! Or, as a quick trip to livemorenow's blog attests, guy and gal. :)

    It is quite a treat to see youthful enthusiasm at work, isn't it? When money's not involved and it's just about the game.

    Of course, watching them try and stay on their skates is funny too. :)


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