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February 2, 2010

Road Rage

To the people who roared past me on the road this morning heading into UBC, in the long stretch of Pacific Spirit Park:

I'm sorry I wasn't going 30 KM/HR over the speed limit, thus forcing you to pass me.  In the rain.

One of these days, a cop's going to be by the school at the end of this stretch, and I hope I'm there to see them writing you out a nice, juicy ticket.



  1. ditto to the people down here/over here? in Columbus, Ohio

  2. Always nice to have a fellow sufferer. :)

    This stretch, it's really enticing to speed down. In fact, I generally do too. But 30 KM/H????

    Good to hear from another family member. :)

  3. When I lived in California, I experienced lots of people like that. But now that I'm Colorado, I have found that most drivers (here, at least) are actually decent people who are interested in being safe. Who knew?

    BTW, Dave, I'm loving the new tag cloud! I had no idea that there was so much variety in your blog!

  4. Most of the drivers in Iowa are ok (some stupid, some old, some clueless, and some old and clueless), but it seems the big city is where all the worst ones are. And the suburbs of those big cities.

    As for the tag cloud, it took me going through each post and assigning tags to them to make me realize just how varied the topics on this blog actually are! I never even realized it.

    What's scary is the 16 80s posts. :)

  5. that's cuz you drive like an old lady in yer old lady car (no offense to old ladies). just kidding! ;)

    - the wife


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