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March 14, 2010

Colors Magazine blogging contest - and just a cool blog

One of the cool things about joining blogging communities is the rich variety of people that you meet in the process. As part of the Authentic Blogger group on Facebook (if you have a blog, you should look them up!), it's been my pleasure to meet and befriend a whole host of wonderful people.

In the process of doing that, I met Lena, a young Russian woman with a very interesting blog called "The Colors Magazine."  This is a lifestyle blog, with posts about everything from love, relationships, travelling, fun weekends, and so much more.  And my interactions with Lena have shown her to be a great person as well as a great blogger.

One of the things she does on the blog is hold a blogging contest, a "Post of the Month" where people can submit entries from their blog from a particular month and maybe get more and different readers.  It's called "Show Your Blog," and she chooses the best posts from each month and does a review of the winner's blog on the magazine.  It's a great way to get more exposure (other than through AB, I doubt any of her readers have found my blog before), and a great networking tool.

The February contest is almost over, but there will be a March one as well!  And even if you don't blog, or don't want to submit an entry for the contest, it's still a great blog to read and savor over a coffee or whatever.

She's even invited me to submit a guest post if I would just get off my ass and come up with an idea!  So you know she's a good judge of talent as well.

Check it out!

(Note:  Writing about the contest is part of the entry for the contest, but all of the flattery up above for the blog itself is not part of the requirement, and comes from my heart.  And brain.  And lower left leg.  For some reason, my upper right thigh just won't get with the program, but I am managing to beat it into submission and it will be agreeing with the rest of my body soon)


  1. Dave, thanks for the AB mention in this post! I love Lena's blog/magazine format, and I love her writing. I also enjoy interacting with yet another blogger who is motivated to encourage fellow bloggers and provide another forum for all of us.

    Last point - you know, similar to your left leg, I sometimes derive writing inspiration from my left baby toe. Good to know I'm not alone in that regard. Laughter matters in this crazy world, so never stop writing in your unique Dave kind of way! :)

    ~ Dawn

  2. Dave, once again twisted in all the right ways. I'm whole body into things, but my hair wont get with the program either. Hope you win, but you already have won in my eyes!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    And for an even more "Dave" kind of post, keep an eye out for the guest post that I *finally* submitted to Lena yesterday. When it finally gets posted (I don't know what her schedule's like and I have to send her a few links when I get home too), you'll see that it's "Dave amped up to 11!"

    I don't know about you two, but I've always found that my pancreas is the most obstinate body part as far as getting it to go along with everything else. It really has a mind of its own.

  4. Thank you for wonderful words, Dave! Loved the note. Really. I did. And I am joining you in everything you said about Authentic Blogger community. Those are the greatest people blogosphere has or ever will have :)

    Good luck in the contest! :)

  5. Good luck with the contest. Just want you to know that you already have a "fan" in me :-)
    Nominated you for the Sunshine Award:

  6. Aww, thank you, Mansi!!!! I really appreciate that. :)


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