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April 21, 2010

Do you live-tweet?

You're watching a hockey game on TV, or Glee on television. Maybe you're watching your favourite soap opera. And you have a Twitter account.

Do your readers find tweet after tweet of you talking about what you're watching? When the Canucks/Cubs/Giants/Patriots are playing on television, do your followers get to know what's going on in the game and how pissed off you are about it?

I admit that I do that often during Canucks games. During Game #3 on Monday night, my Twitter feed was full of stuff like this:

"The #Canucks had better get their act together, or our season tickets will be paid for next year!"

Of course, since I follow a lot of Canucks fans, I was getting a lot of tweets like that too.

Other people aren't sports fans, but they do tweet during their favourite shows:

"I can't believe Grissom came back to CSI dressed like a duck! That was just weird."

This behaviour is not uncommon, though I don't know if I would call it "normal" or not. It can be a lot of fun, almost like you're watching it in a room full of your friends. You're experiencing the event along with a group of like-minded people and gives you a sense of camaraderie with them. Even if none of them are actually reading your stuff.

Oh, one word of warning if you're on the West Coast. If you're following somebody on the East Coast who is live-tweeting a TV show (or something else that's tape-delayed by time zones), you might want to ignore their tweets for a little while, unless you want to get spoiled.

It's very common to do this with one-time events, like speeches, conventions/presentations, and the like. It can also give those people who can't be there but who want to be an opportunity to follow along.

What happens if you're watching something on DVR? Well, some would say you're a loser if you live-tweet something that's not live anymore. However, I would not go so far. I would say, however, that you're probably pretty doomed to have a one-sided conversation. Then again, maybe somebody who has already seen what you're live-tweeting about will want to comment on it?

After thinking about this, I decided "hey, why not do a poll?" This Blogpolls thing is just sitting there unused after my first poll, so why not?

And those of you who are so inclined, follow me on Twitter and we can watch Game 4 of the Canucks/Kings game tonight. Together. I'll bring the beer, but you have to bring the chips.


  1. I don't live tweet. I might tweet that I'm watching a certain show, like American Idol, but I don't sit there & tweet throughout the show. During football season I tend to update my FB status a lot during the Patriots games, but not Twitter. I guess you'll experience those status updates in a few short months ;)

  2. LOL I can't wait! :)

    Twitter would seem a more conducive place for that, but I guess it depends on who you are sharing it with.

    I don't know if you've noticed, but I do post a couple of my live-tweets on Facebook, but only a couple.

  3. I suppose it would be the place for that but I tend to be on FB a bit more than Twitter. The Twitter world might be aware that I'm watching the game, but the FB world knows what I'm going through during the game. But I do tweet to the Patriots after the game with either a yay or a sad face depending on the results lol.

  4. I've done it once watching the final curling match during the Olympics but that's it. I really don't watch tv except the Tudors. And I don't see a point in live tweeting the Tudors. Everyone already knows what happened. He divorces 7 of them and dies on the 8th.

  5. it can be handy when people post the latest scores in big games, and there's a sense of sharing the moment!

  6. Karen: Did he hide a couple of extra ones that I wasn't aware of? :P

    Darts: That's it, exactly!! I was sharing/annoying my followers last night with the great hockey game!

  7. Yeah, an embarrassing goof. I was thinking 8 because he's Henry the 8th. What I get for commenting when being distracted by kids.

  8. I've had more American Idol shows ruined for me by Twitter than I can count. I always watch them later on Hulu, and twitter just gets in the way.

  9. Duane, I can safely say that you will never have American Idol spoiled by me.

    How's that? :)


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