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April 8, 2010

Potpourri (Part 2)

Subjects: iPhone blog reader, Google taking over world, Farmville

Here's the second of possibly many installments of something I like to call "Potpourri," or "stuff too short to become blog posts." You may get some of these on days where I have a few coherent thoughts about random things, but nothing that really seems to call for a big blog post.

1) Discovered a cool new iPhone app (or actually, an good updated version of one that evidently sucked before).  Called "Reeder," it's a blog reader that syncs with Google Reader on the web.  You can read all of the blogs you subscribe too on your phone in a very easy to use interface.  Even better, since it syncs with your Google Reader account online, you don't have to type the damned RSS Feed address into it like I did with my other Blog reader!  You can just subscribe on Google Reader and it automatically shows up on your phone.  Piece of cake!

Of course, that meant I had to start using Google Reader, but I'm finding that also a breeze to use.  It's a very efficient blog reader, and I'm loving it too.

Which brings me to...

2) Is Google taking over my life like it's already taking over the world?

I'm finding that I use Google for more and more these days.  First, I began using Blogger as my blogging platform, which required a Google address.  So I set that up, and now I'm using my Gmail account more and more (though not still for my personal email, at least not yet).  Now I'm using Google Chrome as my default browser at work and on my laptop (doesn't help that Firefox is starting to piss us off).  And Google Reader?  Am I being assimilated?  And if so, will I enjoy it?  Just how arousing can assimilation be?  Am I becoming a Google-bot? Is a symptom of that asking so many questions?

3) Did you hear about the kid who blew around $1400 of his mom's money on Facebook's "Farmville" game?  Is nothing sacred anymore? I thought that game was safe for kids?  Now I know why I never played it. I have a feeling I'd become addicted to it and blow our millions on it as well.  

That, and it just annoys the hell out of me.  That's probably the kicker.

Who will protect the kids from Zynga?  What's next, blowing wads of cash on the Muppets?

Ok, I could see that, actually.

As promised, this one's a bit shorter than the other one.  It's amazing how closed my brain is right now.  Rather than try and pry it open, I think I'll just head for bed.  Tomorrow's Friday, the end of the week, and maybe I'll be in a better (and far more creative) mood.


  1. I'll keep that iPhone app in mind next year when it's time for my upgrade, because I'm definitely getting the iPhone. :)

    Google has completely taken over my life too! I just can't get into the whole Bing thing. Google all the way!!!!! I love Google reader as well, but the only thing I don't like is if you comment through it, it will only show the comment on Google Reader & not the actual blog (at least that's how I've come to understand it).

    Farmville is the biggest waste of time. I'm so ashamed for playing it for all those months. I must admit I did spend $5 only once, but that was because it was going towards Haiti. I might not be good when it comes to my finances as you read in my post, but one thing I know not to waste my money on is these games. $1400 is pretty insane!

  2. I really don't understand why anyone would play farmville - Does the constant sound of mouse clicking Beethoven to them? You can't even create a realistic farm there. And to spend 1400 dollars with the game? He could have gotten cooler games like Halo and stuff (I'm not saying he should, its still mommy money)
    Man and I thought GTA 4 was dangerous

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Anahid, the iPhone is definitely worth it. I don't know what I would do without mine. :) As for Google Reader, thankfully you can just click on the article header and it should take you to the web version of it.

    As for Farmville? I don't understand why anybody would play it anyway. It seems dreadfully boring. And I certainly wouldn't spend *money* on it! I don't know about him playing Halo, though. LOL

  4. I know you can click on the title & go to the actual blog, I do that all the time. I just think it would be nice & convenient if comments left from the Reader showed up on the blog. I don't even know if it notifies you if someone comments on your blog through the Reader, or if they like your post. I think you have to be on the Reader to see comments & likes.

  5. I think so too, though I have no idea how to find out whether I have a comment or not.

  6. yeah dave, dont try playing farmville, (as u can see on my facebook account everything is zynga) dont ever try it, u'll get addition like me (I forget about writing on my blogs coz of farmville, lols)..

  7. Nope, no Farmville for me!

    No interest in it whatsoever.


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