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May 29, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Questions

Battlefield Bad Company 2I finished the (oh so short) single player mode for BC2 and have been enjoying the heck out of the multiplayer. But some of it is still a mystery to me. Thought I'd post some of that here and see if anybody has some answers.


Well, that was helpful.

Oh, you want the questions first!

First, I've only played Conquest mode, so I haven't tried Rush or Squad Team Deathmatch. To tell you the truth, I've been a little intimidated by the Deathmatch mode because:

  • I'm not very good
  • The description says something about multiple squads and every squad is out for themselves.

So does that mean there are more than 2 squads, and you have to kill the other squads? Kind of like 8 against 4 (or even 12 against 4, depending on how many people are allowed in a game)? I would hate to make my squadmates pissed off at me because I brought them down.

So I guess that's my first question. How does the Deathmatch work?

Secondly, in Conquest mode, how is a winner and loser determined? I know the objective is to capture and hold the various positions, but how do you *win*? Sometimes the round ends and it doesn't announce a "Your team won!" or "Your team sucked!" (ok, it actually says "Your team lost," but I'm reading between the lines). We just switch sides. Other times, it does say who won or lost, and we *still* switch sides.

Third question: why is the Engineer initially given such a peashooter of a gun? Or do I just suck? I swear I hit a guy with a full clip, got to the "Hit X to Reload" and then was killed by the guy as I was reloading. What the hell? And when it showed me who had killed me, the guy's health was at something like 50%. It's very weird. I use the Thompson SMG now when I'm an engineer.

Last question: Why do I keep getting killed?

Ok, that last one can probably be answered with something that rhymes with "Boo Shuck."


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