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July 24, 2010

Constantly running behind

I must be a lazy git.

How else to explain how my Google Reader constantly has over 1000 unread posts in it? Ok, some of that is because I follow Mashable, Hot Air, and a couple of other very high-traffic blogs. But even without those blogs, I'd still be way behind.

Friends whose blogs I follow must wonder where I am, and especially if they regularly come to this blog (and, admittedly, must *really* wonder where I am when I don't post for 3 days!). The reciprocity of blog reading (but only when we both find each other's blogs interesting, as I don't necessarily follow everybody who reads mine) takes a massive hit when I'm the one dropping the ball.

So my deepest apologies to all of those people.

I do read the occasional post that I stumble upon via Facebook or what have you. In fact, I've been lucky enough to hit every one of Dawn's Healing Morning blog within a couple of days.

Those of you who don't post quite as much may not have even noticed I've gone. But for those who did notice, I haven't abandoned you! I just have been very lax. I'm making an effort to catch up this weekend, though. We'll see how I manage that.

Soon, though. This funk can't last forever.


  1. I say as long as your are reading, then there should be no complaints from the peanut gallery.

    We all have lives outside of Blogger, FaceBook, MySpace, and all of the tons of sites available to us. And if readers/authors can't get that, then it's NOT your problem. It is *their* problem.

    Sure, having a comment on your post is nice. It means that your reader(s) truly DO value your writing, and are avidly interested in your work.

    Personally, I mainly write for one person. That is *ME*. But I must admit, that ParanorMel while, read, is very, very rarely commented upon.

    And sometimes, I do put great effort in to those posts. I take the time to find videos or articles, or am willing to open up about my experiences on a VERY controversial subject. So, when that blog gets really nothing more than a glance, it does kind of sting a bit.

    Take your time, go at your own pace, and don't think you have to comment EVERY single blog that you read.

  2. That's the trouble, though. I haven't been reading. I haven't even been visiting.

    But I spent this morning catching up. Thankfully, a lot of my 1000+ posts were big blogs like Mashable, Game Informer, and stuff like that. I was able to skim the headers and read the choice ones.

    I'm going to do my best not to let it pile up like that again.

    Thanks for the support and encouragement!

  3. I'm always behind on the reading, but mine is usually around 150-200 posts. Sometimes it feels like I'll have to dedicate a full day to catch up, but who has time for that? So I'll usually just read the most recent posts from bloggers.

    I don't subscribe to Mashable or other popular blogs because that would make my unread count even more overwhelming. I just subscribe to their tweets & whatever post I find interesting, I'll read it.

  4. Hey Anahid

    Thanks for the comment!

    I agree that the Mashable and Game Informer ones really add to my missed post total, but I do find that I sometimes miss an interesting one that I didn't see the tweet for, so I think it's worth it for me.

    Doesn't help the feeling when I get a huge number of unread posts, though. :)


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