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July 28, 2010

Loving the new office!

Can't remember if I posted anything on here about it, but my Facebook friends are aware that I moved offices earlier this month.  After almost a month being down here, I have to say that I'm really enjoying this.  My work environment is a lot more conducive to getting things done, and despite the fact that having a window was not a deal-breaker for me (I was doing fine without one), I have to admit that it's really nice to have one.

I also have to admit that I'm mainly posting about this because I want to post some original pics rather than stuff from the web.  So please indulge me.

My original office was situated right in the middle of everything. Yes, I actually had my own office (others are in the equivalent of cubicles), but it was still a high-traffic area, with people walking by all the time. It got distracting after a while.

(This isn't my stuff. Somebody else has moved in, and this is hers, but you get an idea of what the office was like, anyway.)

Yep.  All four walls, two lights above (one you can't see in the picture).  The desk is on the right.

Here's where that office is located.

Yes, it's the last one on the right, before it opens up into the broader room.  Just past the circuit breaker cabinet. The open door at the back of the picture, on the right, is our copy room, and the open door in the back on the left is our Associate Dean's office.  You can guess how much traffic goes by that office.

On the other hand, here is a picture from the same spot, but looking the other way.

My new office is alllllll the way at the end of the hall. You can't even really see the door itself, as it's just past that chair (there is a reason that chair is in the hall, by the way, which I'm not going to get into).

As you can see, instead of being a high traffic area, now nobody walks past my door.  If they're coming anywhere near the office, they're coming to see me.

I like that.  It's quiet (except for the damned construction noise that's going on outside across the way right now) and I don't get disturbed unless it's something to do with me.

Actually, I don't like it.  It's pure heaven.

Especially because this is my office.

Looks a lot better than that other one, doesn't it?

And there's even space around the corner to put things (no, I'm not showing you that part).

Sometimes, work life is good.


  1. always good to have a good working environment - I travel all the time so never get much chance to sort my office out!

  2. Your new office looks good. Glad you got a window. Somehow I wouldn't feel closed in if I had one. ENJOY

  3. Thanks, both of you! I guess you could say that this was a good move. :)


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