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August 17, 2010

Hello to the Davenport West High class of 1988!

I joined a few years ago, but first sprang for a paying membership last year. It's a great way to keep in touch with your old classmates, whether it's high school or college (or any other schooling, actually, at least older than high school). You can post pictures (old and new), keep people up to date on what you've been doing since graduation, all of that good stuff.

Well, it is if people actually use it.

That's the funny thing, though. There are currently 397 members listed for the class of 1988. I think we had 535 graduates in that class. That's a pretty hefty percentage! (66% for you math geeks).

So why is nobody actually there?

My last guestbook signature was in December 2009, the message forums are almost dead. I know the 2008 reunion was handled largely through the site (I think, but somebody who knows better can correct me if I'm wrong).

So what's the deal? Is the site as popular as it's supposed to be? Or do people go there to "register" themselves but then pay no attention to it whatsoever?

Has Facebook taken over this function for people? I know I'm Facebook friends with a lot of my old classmates.

Guess what?

It's poll time!

I'd love to know what you think. Especially those classmates of mine who might be stopping by this blog (or regular readers that I don't know about).


  1. I am registered at Classmates but do not use it. I feel like Facebook has taken over this area and much better than Classmates ever did. We did use Classmates when organizing the 15 yr reunion but also utilized our 'own' website. I think Facebook and Classmates was used for the 20 yr- Kim Guy would be the one to ask :)

  2. Actually we had Jeff Bleitz set up a website for the 20. No Facebook at that time, relatively new to me anyway...=) I think it would be great to do a Facebook page for the next reunion. I would hope we could get more input, feedback, contacts, etc...Anyone volunteering? ;) Glad I got on tonight, I never seem to have time for FB anymore. Hi to Dave and Raquel!

  3. I remember the 20th reunion page! I thought it was awesome and was really glad they did that. I was hoping it would be used as a point of contact even after the reunion, but it just died too.

    I think a Facebook page for the next reunion would be great, much like the West High 50th Anniversary one that's on now. (Unfortunately, while I will actually be in town that weekend, I've got too much other stuff going on to go).

    It's good to see you two on here! I don't see enough of you. :) I was hoping that the subject matter (not to mention the shout-out) would attract some people. :)

  4. The reunion to some is like the plague...Avoid, avoid...=) So you are making it back to Iowa? I'm sure your family is excited...Safe travels to you!

  5. Is anybody else going to the 50th?

    And are you saying you're not coming to the 25th, Sue? I'll be so disappointed. :P

  6. Oh contraire! I will probably be helping Kim Guy plan it again. I can't help myself! =) However, I sense a tone that you won't be there...;)

  7. I plan on trying to be there! No way to know exactly what will be going on in 2013, but I plan to try.

    You are a masochist, eh? :P


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