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August 19, 2010

What a pleasantly disturbed human being

I think we're all disturbed in our own way. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a bad thing. Bad disturbance is pretty obvious (known any serial killers, anybody?). But good disturbance?

I live with that whenever I do a blog post. Or try to think, hanging out in my own mind and discovering just what kind of insanity might be hiding in there. I like to think it's more like Steven Wright than it is the Joker. But can we ever tell?

Ah, the Joker. Heath Ledger left us too soon, didn't he?

The Joker was always an interesting Batman villain, though he was never my favourite. I was always partial to Two-Face, because it represented the inner conflict that we all face at one time or another. Most of us make the moral choices though we're tempted to go the other route, but Two-Face left his up to the flip of a coin. I always found that intriguing.

The Riddler I just always found annoying, which is why I'm not totally happy that he's rumored to be one of the villains in the new Batman movie. Then again, Christopher Nolan can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned, so maybe he can make the Riddler palatable? We'll see.

I always loved the sleek lines of the 70s and 80s Batman to the kind of clunky look of the 60s Batman.

What do you think?

(60s Batman)

(My favourite Batman)

Of course, it depended on the artist, but I always thought the latter just looked cooler. Less silly.

While I always enjoyed Batman, though, my main favourite was the Teen Titans (from 1980, not the older ones or the newer ones, as there have been many incarnations).

I didn't exactly grow out of comics, though. They grew out of me. And I mean that almost literally. I just got tired of trying to make room for them, and there's no way I was going to be throwing them out like any other magazines. So I stopped buying them.

Now that you can get comics on the iPhone/iPad, I may start again. If they ever start doing new subscriptions rather than the old stuff that they keep adding right now. Don't get me wrong. The old stuff is cool. But it's not what I want to pay for right now.

Isn't that a cool thing? Magazines on your iPhone/iPad? More and more of them are doing it. Wired, Time, People (if they can get past the objections of the photographers). All of that stuff in the palm of your hand. The news, photos, features, writing that you love to read, ready and waiting for you to turn the machine on. And no worries about recycling! There are no landfills for electronic bits and bytes!

Hmmmm...what would a data landfill look like? Something out of the Matrix? Or a product of an insane mind?

Or a pleasantly disturbed one?

This is part of Duane Scott's brilliant weekly series called "Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays." See some other participants on his site here!

I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I learned a lot from the Joker. For one thing, you can't have slaughter without laughter. From that I learned uncomfortable laughter...

  2. That is so true!!!!

    Damn, the script in that movie was so great, and Ledger just added more to it...

  3. Loved Ledger -- and yes, he left too soon.
    My favorite Batman, though, for all the wrong (and superficial) reasons was George Clooney...that smile...oh that charming smile.
    Congratulations on joining the pleasantly disturbed club! :D

  4. Well, I wasn't talking movie Batmans, though my favourite is definitely Bale. There have been so many different styles of drawing him, and sometimes he just looked outlandish rather than "intense."

    I like the intense Batman.

    And thanks for the welcome!!!!!

  5. Holy Blogpost Batman!
    Ledger was the best Joker, Bale the best Batman for sure. However, I'm still a Marvel guy, so Spiderman rules in my (comic) book.

  6. Ledger was the best Joker! I gotta agree.

    And what?! You can get People on your iPad? You mean the website, right? Or can I get the actual magazine delivered to my iPad?

    Can you show me how? That's ultra cool... And hey, you are really good at these Pleasantly Disturbed things. :)

    Enjoyed it!

  7. JC: I was actually both, though the majority of my comics were Marvel. I was definitely a fanboy.

    Duane: You can't get People yet, because of the problem mentioned in the article I linked to. But it is definitely the magazine, not the web site.

    All of the magazines are just apps that you purchase, though. Each issue is it's own app (Time, for instance, is $4.99 an issue), so it's just like buying it at the store.

    Except no magazine to throw away or recycle or whatever.

    You can also get some newspapers, though not many yet.


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