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September 5, 2010

Waiting at the airport

It's a glorious start to a vacation when your bus is 15 minutes 4:30 in the morning.

But so far, our trip hasn't been too bad other than that. This is the first time the wife has come on this type of trip with me (we usually drive when we both go), so she has been able to see what I do 2 other times a year.

So of course the bus driver drove hideously. Thankfully, the border was easy, and we only had one other stop (there were no stops in Bellingham and at the Outlet Mall today), so it was fairly quick, too.

Check-in was easy and we've now been fed and watered. Such an early morning means sleep is needed, and what better place than at your gate when you're there 2 hours early!

(yes, I'm writing this while asleep. Can't you tell?)

We do have a lovely view, though.

But we upgraded, so we will fly in comfort!

Only 90 minutes to go. Back to Twitter for me! Thank God for wi-fi.

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