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October 4, 2010

Book review - Ice Cold (Tess Gerritsen)

The book reviews are spreading like a wildfire! Guess I'd better do some more before the backlog all gets posted, shouldn't I?

Ice Cold: A Rizzoli & Isles NovelAnyway, my review for Tess Gerritsen's Ice Cold has now been published on Curled Up With a Good Book, and it's another winner from Gerritsen. There hasn't been a book of hers I haven't liked so far, though some have been better than others.

It's another in Gerritsen's ongoing "Rizzoli & Isles" series of books, some of my favourite crime fiction out there.

While this one isn't a classic, it is very good. Even more so if you are already a fan.

In fact, if you can help it, I would suggest not starting with this one. There are so many other good places to start, and since this book deals with Maura Isles' emotional isolation, it's really not a good place to start.

But it works in a pinch.

From the review:

"Boston’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Maura Isles, has been stuck in a secret relationship with a priest, allowing only brief liaisons that only make her hunger for more in her life. So when she’s at a forensics conference in Colorado and happens upon an old classmate - a man who’s both attractive and single - she finds herself opening up - so much so that she agrees to join him, his daughter and their two friends on a jaunt to a mountain cabin in the wilds of the state. When heavy snow forces them off the road, they find an abandoned village nestled in a valley - a village seemingly abandoned so quickly that food was left on tables. When Isles disappears, Rizzoli, a Boston Homicide detective and Isles’s best friend, must track down what happened to her before the secret of that village ends up costing even more lives - perhaps even that of Dr. Maura Isles."

Gerritsen's excellent prose once again shines through, and the story will keep you reading until the wee hours (what the hell are "wee hours" anyway?).

Give it a try!


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