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February 12, 2011

Podcast stuff - Episode 5 of Radio EPLT!

Yes, it's yet another episode that brings the UBC Faculty of Education (or at least our own little part of it) to you.

Or, you can say it brings my voice to you, whichever is more likely to get you to listen.

Episode 5 was posted yesterday (believe it or not, actually on time!)

We're back to normal audio quality this time, as both the podcast itself as well as the interview were recorded in our normal manner.

I also think it sounds better because I was a bit better prepared this time.

Anyway, subjects of the podcast include one of the courses that our office is offering, as well as a discussion of the potential pitfalls of K-12 teachers being on Facebook and what they have to watch out for.

Plus an Xbox joke!

So please take a listen. I'd love to hear what you think. And send an email to us! We may even read it on the air.


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