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February 24, 2011

The Wii gets a little saucy - Western Society collapses

The Nintendo Wii, that family gaming platform extraordinaire, is becoming a bit more...spicy.

As is the Playstation Move, but I don't care about that. Nobody's buying it.

Ubisoft has just released a trailer for a "flirty and fun" (my quotes, not a quote from the actual press release) game called We Dare.

This is the look on my face after I got done with it.

Yes, it was that awful.

In the immortal words of kids everywhere, "Ewwwwwww, gross! Try this!"

I never thought I would say this, but "hey, playing the Wii could lead to a foursome!"

If you're a bunch of losers or something.

To quote Game Informer:
"Basically, We Dare has you performing the exact same dumb minigames as in countless other Wii titles, except this time it's supposed to be naughty because you, like, put the Wii remote in your pants or something."
Yes, if that sounds bad, that's because it is.

The game's scheduled to be released in Europe. With a 12+ rating. That's right. For ages 12 and up.

Just imagine that, you Moms out there.

Hide your Wii! Or don't let them play unsupervised.

I don't think this game is the end of society as we know it (despite the title), but I do think this is hilariously bad and silly, and I can't see *anybody* enjoying this.

Except maybe for your next Key Party.

(h/t: Games Radar)

Edit #1 (2/26/11): Apparently, this video may be unplayable in the States, or something. If you read the comments, you'll see that one of my American friends couldn't play it, but at the time of this edit, I can still play it here in Canada. She said that the Game Informer video still works, so check it out there if it won't play for you!

Edit #2 (3/11/11): Changed the video, so hopefully it can now be viewed by all


  1. There has not been a word invented yet for just how mind-numbingly awful this looks...

  2. The video has since been blocked here and on YouTube by Ubisoft, but I was able to watch it on Game Informer. (I guess Americans aren't quite ready for the 'We Dare', not even the commercial.)

    As if there isn't enough morally questionable videos and such available on the internet, now people can send the kiddies to bed, take over their Christmas present, act questionable themselves and chalk it up to, 'its just a game.' .....I don't think so.

  3. @CaptainD: What an excellent way to put it. :)

    @Raquel: Are you saying you couldn't play the embedded version? Because it works fine for me. Wonder if it's because I'm in Canada? Will have to amend the post and add that. Thanks for letting me know.

    I hesitate to admit it, but I was hoping you'd respond to this. I wanted to see your reaction. :)

    In addition to all of that, though, doesn't this also just look hideously silly?

  4. Dave- Correct. When I push the play button on the embedded video it says 'This video is private'. Be glad you're in Canada where I guess free speech is still around?

    To answer your question, YES, hideously silly. Not something I want to try out but I am all for live and let live. You know there are people who will love it.

  5. Hi Raquel

    Funny. I tried it after you posted your comment, and it worked fine for me. Now *I'm* getting the "This video is private" message too. Guess they were slow to close the Canadian servers. :)

    And don't get me started on Freedom of Speech up here. LOL

    And really, I can't imagine too many people loving it. I can't figure out the demographic they're aiming for. Most of the people of that mindset have a lot of other games which would be better suited to that.

    But you never know!

    Thanks for following up.


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