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June 27, 2011

Book Review - Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl

Lis Wiehl always succeeds in writing interesting thrillers with the "Triple Threat" club. Even when the book itself is weak (such as the previous book, Hand of Fate), the byplay between the characters is always good.

Heart of Ice (A Triple Threat Novel)I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the third book in the series, Heart of Ice. This one's a bit different than the others, as one of the viewpoint characters is sociopath Elizabeth Avery. I always find it interesting when we see sociopaths in action (only in books!), because it gives the author a chance to explore the two faces of the character: the one they present to the public, and the truly evil self.

My review of Heart of Ice has now posted on Curled Up With a Good Book:

"The "triple threat" team - federal prosecutor Allison Pierce, FBI agent Nicole Hedges, and TV reporter Cassidy Shaw - is up against a menace in their midst. Elizabeth Avery is a beautiful woman with issues. She manipulates everyone around her, causing some to commit crimes and others to lavish her with affection - and one man to kill for her. She befriends Cassidy and worms her way into the trio's lives, trying to set one friend against another in an attempt to keep them away from her dark secre, as she leaves a number of bodies in her wake."
Wiehl has done a lot to win me back as a fan.

This is especially true because I now understand what Wiehl's doing with the characters. I was very critical of the first couple of books because the character arcs seemed to distract from the main story. However, it seems that Wiehl's trying to build strong characters to carry the series along.

That's something I can get behind, even as I disagree with some of Wiehl's choices. I still find Cassidy to be way too vapid for my tastes.

But to each their own!

Check out the review and let me know what you think.


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