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July 7, 2011

Podcast stuff - Episode 14 of Down the Hall (Radio EPLT)

Vacations come and go, but the work goes on!

Want some fun Summer learning activity ideas to help avoid that dreaded Summer Learning Loss?

Episode 14 of the EPLT podcast Down the Hall has now been posted. Actually, it posted last week, but I was in Iowa and not blogging, so I'm doing it now.

In addition to some fun activities in Vancouver (as well as thoughts on how you can find some in your community), we also have an interview with a Master of Educational Technology student, Drew Murphy. He's used a lot of the things he's learned in the MET program to actually come up with a creative educational product that will help many teachers use the web and other social media tools to enhance their teaching.

This isn't a promotional interview, though. While we do talk about the product, the focus is mainly on how he has used the knowledge gained in the program to come up with it.

Finally (and I may do an individual post on this in a week or two), Down the Hall is now on Facebook! Come "like" us and you'll always be notified when a new episode posts.

Or just "like" us because you like me (or Jenny...I'm not *that* vain).

We can live with that too.


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