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August 28, 2011

It was a Dark Sunday Night

It's one of those weird, yet interesting nights for me tonight. I'm sitting here alone in the dark, a baseball game on TV (but muted). I'm watching the constant stream of tweets about the MTV Music Video Awards on Twitter, all of them coated in derision and scorn. I get the feeling I'm not missing much. In fact, I know that I would not recognize any of these people unless they've become famous for other things (like Lady Gaga or Kanye West).

It's been a busy weekend. We spent yesterday reorganizing the living room, making it a lot more spacious. We got rid of two pieces of furniture and only brought in one piece, so I'm quite happy. I look around, and I feel content at what we have accomplished.

But like all the other times we've done stuff like this, it's stressful, though almost all of that can be put on my shoes, as I allow myself to stress about things that don't really need to be stressed about.

(Thanks to AzTeen)

But it's done, and as I look around, I can see that it is good. I'm doing my regular "oh my God, I haven't been participating on Twitter recently!" activity, tweeting up a storm. And then I decide that I've got thoughts longer than 140 characters that I'd like to get out, so I sit down and blog.

The desk is still by the balcony door, so I look out at the lights of the city that never truly sleeps. It's getting darker earlier now, not even 8:30. I hear the honking of the horns outside; smell the barbecue smell from some other balcony in our building, and the occasional gross-smelling fish (it may taste good if you like fish, but it smells foul). It's the sounds and the smells of Summer in Vancouver, and it strikes me that it will be ending soon.

We're less than a month away from Fall, and school starts in another week. My work has been relatively slow this last month, but next week is when it starts getting busy again.

But for now, I'm at peace. Bowling's on now, but I'll be playing a game of my own soon. I look out at the building across the street, seeing the lights shining from numerous balcony windows, and knowing that nothing is coming out of ours, I feel content. There's something about the dark, with only the TV and monitor brightness shining through, that adds a sense of calm to life.

Something that will end tomorrow when it's back to work.

Maybe I'll be able to recapture it tomorrow night.

One can hope.


  1. Well, you know my alter ego is Snoopy Writer Ace, so the title of this post was very close to " was a dark and stormy night..." and I loved it! :)

    Dave, I am a fan of this type of post and encourage you to write more along these lines. It's beautiful, the flow that you create, touching on a few snippets of info that let us learn more of you as an individual, and then flowing back into that writerly muse. I really like it! And this topic...the dark of night, and what it exudes, how it can inspire evocative and pensive captures the imagination and takes us along with you on that ride.

    Yes. I vote for more of this type of post. I vote twice, in fact! Why twice? Just because I thought it sounded good for extra emphasis, I guess. ;-)

    Love you, buddy.


  2. LOL Dawnie, I was thinking of you as I wrote it, knowing that you would like it (or at least knowing that it's more of what you like, since I wouldn't be arrogant enough to assume post quality itself).

    And the subject matter was definitely intentional. Just was missing the rain in order to actually use that subject header.

    Love you too!

  3. Well, part of me abhors being so predictable, but hey....I gotta be Meeeeee! ;-) And you gotta be Youuuuu. Somewhere, an orchestra is being cued....

    It really is a fun writing style that you're building here. And I really do like it. I think other people will as well, if you give it some time and a bit more interaction. I realize the school year is ramping up & will preclude that to a degree.

    Post quality - 'twas excellent, in my humble opinion. Yep. 'Twas. Lookie, I threw "'twas" in there twice, to kind of match up w/ the prior comment. I didn't want you ending up walking lopsided or some such after reading this one. ;-)


  4. Thanks, Dawnie!!!

    You're always looking out for me, such as when I am walking around. :P


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