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December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas to all of you

I don't know if I'm going to be doing another blog before Christmas Day, so I figured I'd do this one now.

I am very thankful for my wife and family who love me. I'm thankful to have a group of such wonderful friends, whether I've ever met you or not. I forget that sometimes, and still do miss having any immediate friends in Vancouver (I'm slowly working on that). But I have to realize that there are still plenty of people out there who love me.

I had a lovely evening with two very good friends last night, and it's always a highlight of my Christmas trip home. But some of you I've never even met, but I still feel close to you.

This time of year always makes me nostalgic, like I'm sure it does everyone. Remembering Christmases past and future (or imagining the future ones, anyway). It's in this spirit that I want to wish you all a truly merry Christmas and all the best in the new year as well.

I shared this song on Facebook yesterday, but I want to share it with all of you too. It's my favourite Manneheim Steamroller Christmas song, their rendition of "Silent Night." It's truly beautiful, and I remember the first Christmas that I spent far away from home, after I had moved to Seattle. The song moved me to tears. It still gets me too.

To all of you, either family, friends, regular readers of the blog who don't otherwise know me, or if you just stumble by, I hope you a great holiday.


  1. I'm so far behind on writing for my blog and reading those of friends that I'm hitting the most dear ones to me and calling it good enough. This video and the song are beautiful, Dave. Thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you, also, for your friendship. Yes, it's true that you and I have yet to meet - emphasis on the "yet" part - but I consider you one of my favorite people and a very true, solid friend. I don't say those words lightly! I hope your Christmas was beautiful today. I noticed some photos of being home here in the States on your wall and that made me smile. I hope you're getting tons of hugs and sharing laughter and happy moments with those you love the most. I look forward to continuing in friendship with you in 2012. :)

    With love,


  2. It was a marvelous Christmas, Dawnie. Thank you.

    I can't wait until we're finally able to meet! It will probably take two days to finally shut us up. :)

    Those feelings are definitely mutual. I'm glad that you had a good one as well!


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