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May 20, 2012

A Rainy, Bloggy Sunday Night

(Thanks to 2010Vancouver)
It's another one of those nights where I'm in a bit of a pensive mood. I've got headphones on, listening to some Sonny Rollins on Grooveshark. The light's on, but it's totally quiet otherwise. After two weeks of sunny, incredible weather, it's raining like hell out there and has been all day. They say we're supposed to get rain all week, which really sucks since this is graduation week and we're holding a reception for those MET graduates who come to the ceremony on Thursday.

I have created a number of playlists on Grooveshark to help with my writing. There's a Mars Lasar one, Mike Oldfield, Jazz, Celtic, and a Delerium one. Grooveshark really is an amazing service for streaming music where you can form your own playlists and just let them go. Or you can find new stuff.

Which I don't do very often, going more for what I like than what I don't know.

The headphones I have on are keeping all of the noise out of my ears, but I was listening to the rain outside earlier. In fact, we were out in it for a brief bit when we left the movie theater (my movie post will be going up tomorrow morning). I love sunny days, but there's something to be said for rainy, overcast ones too. I don't know why. Maybe I'm just weird that way. As long as I'm not out in it, though, rain just doesn't depress me like it does some people. I see a strange beauty in rain that rivals (in a much different way, of course) that of the sun.

One of the things I've done tonight, which I do often, is look at my blog stats. I know some bloggers don't worry about their stats, how many hits their blogs have received. I wouldn't say I *worry* about it either. I am just interested in seeing who's coming to my blog and from where. When I get a hit from somewhere local here in the Lower Mainland, I wonder if it's one of my students who has found my blog somehow.

And I love to see how they get to my blog. When there's a Facebook referral, I always wonder which of my friends it is (unless a friend has shared the post on their page, which means it could be one of their friends). There's no way I can tell, of course. It's just intriguing.

Which brings me to one thing that's slightly annoying, but not enough to make me fret too much.

It's really strange that the majority of my hits are from image searches. Long-time readers of this blog know that I like to put a picture on almost every post, just to give it a bit of variety and so that a picture will show up on Facebook (or wherever else the post is shared). There are four or five of my posts that draw an inordinate amount of image searches, and these searches make up almost the majority of my blog traffic.

It's actually kind of sad in a way.

If I were in the blogging business for fame and fortune, I'd be really upset. However, I'm not (if I were, would it look and sound like this?), so it's not a big issue.

But part of me would like more people to come for the content and not the images.

Oh well. These are the things that are going through my mind as I sit here on a rainy Sunday night. The wife's in the bedroom watching a show and I have my jazz going. I have no work tomorrow because of the Victoria Day holiday.

All is right in the world.

I should be able to find an image for that, shouldn't I?


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