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May 28, 2012

A Television Icon Returns - And Nobody's Shot Him...Yet

I was watching something on TV last week, and saw an ad for the Summer shows on Bravo TV up here in Canada. And one of the ones that slipped by very quickly seemed to have a familiar face in it.

I turned to my wife and said "Was that Dallas?"

To the Internet, Boy Wonder!
Good ol' J.R. is looking a bit long in the tooth

I checked Internet Movie Database, and sure enough, Dallas is coming back. That 1980s night-time soap that spawned Knots Landing (a show that I consider a guilty pleasure of my past), another night-time soap. Maybe that will come back? Is Donna Mills still hot?

Anyway, yes, Dallas is coming back, and it's not being rebooted. This won't be a show with a similar plotline and recast characters. This is a sequel of sorts. At least three of the original stars are back: Larry Hagman (J.R.), Patrick Duffy (Bobby), and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen). And this time, they've brought their kids.

Here's the trailer that came out for it in December:

It will be on TNT in the States, and I believe it starts on June 13.

I won't be watching it, but I'm not sure if I am pleased that it's coming back or horrified. The plot, for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, is that the Ewing clan is a family whose riches are steeped in Texas oil. J.R. Ewing is a manipulative bastard who will do anything to get ahead. Bobby is his brother, the nice guy who very famously appeared in a shower. Sue Ellen was J.R.'s wife, though I'm sure they're divorced by now if they weren't already in the original show (knowing that would require me to care).

The new incarnation of the series will have these three characters, along with supposedly three others from the original series, along with their progeny who it turns out are just as bad as their parents.

And hilarity will ensue, I'm sure.

Oh, that and steamy sex. Can't forget that.

The series will be like most TNT series, 10-episode seasons. The first season will be this Summer and I guess we'll see from there.

Are you as pumped as I am for the return of this show? Have you been missing it like I have?

And if you match either of those, what's wrong with you?


  1. Dallas was on pretty much the whole time I was growing up. I didn't watch it much when it was still on prime time, but a few years ago, I did start watching the DVDs. In fact, over this weekend, I watched a good portion of season 9 "the dream season". It's a pretty cheesy show, but Larry Hagman was a genius as JR Ewing. He really plays the part of a manipulative narcissist to the hilt. I might actually tune in for the sequel. It can't be much worse than the reality TV tripe that's on these days.

  2. Mom watched it all the time, and I absorbed some of it and actually watched occasionally. Knots Landing was my appointment TV, though. I think I had the hots for Donna Mills. :)

    Hagman was great, wasn't he? I mostly saw him as JR, then later was exposed to him as Major Nelson, so my viewpoint was a bit skewed. :)

    You'll have to tell me how the sequel is! Not sure I can bring myself to do it.

  3. I forgot to watch it... But I did hear it was good. I'm sure there will be an encore for those who didn't tune in.


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