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June 10, 2012

Podcast Stuff - Ep 37 of Down the Hall

In this week's episode of the show, Jenny and I talk about the death of noted science fiction author Ray Bradbury, especially examining his phenomenal book, Fahrenheit 451. Jenny has some wonderful insights and I come along for the ride.

But seriously, it is a great little discussion about Bradbury and the book before we get into the rest of the episode, which is a 30-minute interview with Dr. Michael Marker, who teaches ETEC 521 (Indegeneity, Technology, and Education) in the MET program, as well as being heavily involved in the Aboriginal Education program at UBC. We talk about technology and how it's affected Indigenous Education, the importance of cross-cultural inquiry and improving the training of native teachers (or non-native teachers who will be coming into Aboriginal schools), and Michael's history of studying the ethnohistory of Aboriginal Education.

It's a truly fascinating interview, and I say that 100% because of Michael. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to sit down with him, and I found it quite inspiring.

You can listen to it, or download it, here.

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