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October 28, 2012

Podcast Stuff - Ep 46 of Down the Hall

It's Halloween!!! Ok, in a few days, but this is our last episode before the holiday, so it's time for a scary good episode of Down the Hall!

Because you know you've missed it, right?

In this episode, Fiona and I talk about Halloween traditions and history. As well, I interviewed two graduates from the Master of Educational Technology program who were part of the Jamaican cohort of teachers who went through the program together. We talk about online learning, life as an international student in an online program, what they've done with their degree, and much more.

It's a fun episode, and I have to credit Fiona for making it even more fun than it already was. All of the sound effects and everything? All her idea. Thanks to my co-host for making it such an awesome episode!

Episode 46 can be found here.

Also, I realize that any who just follow my blog and nowhere else have missed a few episode too (the last one I posted on here was Episode 37). You can find all past episodes of Down the Hall here.

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