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November 3, 2012

An Aging Benchmark

Who can resist having a picture of the good Doctor?
Yes, we are all getting older. With each passing day, we are inevitably one day older. Nothing can change that, and while some people try to stay looking as young as they can for as long as they can, there are some things that you just can't fight.

One of those things is your eyesight, and how it often fades over time.

I've had to face one of those milestones just in the last couple of weeks. Yes, I have broken down and purchased reading glasses.

Over the last few months, I've noticed that reading has become a bit more difficult and that I've had to hold the book further away from me than I used to. It finally became time to get my eyes checked again.

The verdict was as expected.

So now I have two pairs of reading glasses: one that I leave at work and one for home and if I need to go out anywhere that will require me to read. When I finally brought them home earlier this week, it was amazing to sit there and read my iPad, and later my book, and see how crystal clear everything was. You realize that things are a little off, but you don't realize how much until they are finally brought into focus.

Ooooooo, a life lesson too!

But I digress.

I've mastered this pose, minus the rugged good looks and all that
I have already mastered that "look over the top of the glasses to see things far away" look, because a lot of times when I'm reading on the couch, the TV's on too. They are still taking some getting used to, though. It's weird feeling these things on my face after nine years of being without them (I had laser surgery back in 2003 after having had glasses most of my life).

So yes, it is that time in my life, where the eyesight is kind of going. I say "kind of" because my distance vision is still 20/20. Hopefully that will never go away. It will just be reading that I need these for.

As of right now, I can still get by reading without them, so I probably won't really take them with me anywhere. That way, I won't lose them. My insurance covered them, but they're expensive! I don't want to be replacing them. But they will be nice to have around the home and around the office, there when I need them but otherwise put off to the side.

I acknowledge the aging process. I acknowledge that I actually have some grey hairs sticking out here and there.

Don't have to like it. Just have to accept it. And that I've done.

It helps that I look super-handsome in them, though.


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