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November 2, 2012

Podcast Stuff - Jacked-Up Indie & Mojo Show - Ep 47

This is how I prefer to podcast: anonymously
This podcasting stuff is fun!

During my latest blogging hiatus, another appearance slipped past, in addition to the regular Down the Hall segments.

I was on Episode 47 of the Jacked-Up Indie & Mojo Show in late September. This is a podcast done by three great guys in the Game Informer community: Mojomonkey12 (Jeremy), Indie Jones (Daniel) and Jack Gardner (ummm, Jack). We talk a lot about video games, but we did delve into other topics as well. Stuff we we're doing, other pop culture items, can short-shorts really be *too* short on women out in public? That sort of thing.

You may even learn a little something about me that's *not* video game related, if you listen closely.

How's that for a tease?

It's a fun conversation, almost 90 minutes long (it felt like it flew by, though). So I hope you enjoy it!

It can be found here.


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