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December 4, 2012

Programming Note - Star Trek episodes

I was scheduling a few more DS9 episode posts last night when sudden inspiration struck me. (Don't worry, I did hit it back. Nobody strikes me without retaliation)
See? Captain Picard agrees with me.

There are 144 episodes of DS9 to watch (something like that). Doing one episode a week kind of makes this an almost 3-year long project when it doesn't need to be. If I do two episodes a week, it will still take well over a year to finish. And then we have all of the other Star Trek DVDs to watch too.

So why not go and do that?

Yes, starting this week, there will be two episode reviews a week, on Monday and Friday. Nice bookends for the week.

Hope that doesn't tax you too much.

I also hope you're enjoying them (whoever's reading them, as I only know of one specific person). It's been a nice nostalgia treat for me too.

Now I'm off to re-schedule all the future ones that I've done.


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