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January 26, 2013

Podcast Stuff - Episode 51 of Down the Hall

It's always fun when you get really fascinating people to sit down for an interview with you.

In episode 51, we have our first-ever two-part interview. I talked to Dr. Michael Marker, from the Educational Studies department in the Faculty of Education (loyal fans may remember him from episode 37). We talked about a wide range of subjects, from schools as transformative experiences (hence the title of the episode) to academic conferences and the problems some of them have, and the great work that many MET students have been doing in his ETEC 521 course.

He also provides some great music too.

Make sure you join us in two weeks for part 2.

Fiona and I also talk about culturally-responsive education, and we extol the virtues of the Radiolab podcasts and site. There's even talk of rat-licking!

You can download or listen to the episode here. Let us know what you think!

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