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July 24, 2009

Getting All of this Social Media Stuff to Work Together

I'm having a bit of a conundrum, and my head is starting to spin.

I am using Twitterfeed to have these blog posts sent to Twitter, and it is working great. Nice, concise tweets with links to the blog post itself. It's even brought a little traffic my way.

I also want the exact same tweets to show up as my Facebook status, so my friends can know to come check out the blog too. This is getting to be a bit harder.

It's very easy to set it up so that all of your tweets also get sent as Facebook status updates. But the kicker is, I don't want all of my tweets to show up that way. I tweet too much (Shout from the Peanut Gallery: "We're going to have an intervention for you soon!") to do that, as I don't want to spam my friends. I only want selected tweets to go to Facebook.

There is a nice, new app called "Selective Twitter" on Facebook that will let you just post selected tweets to Facebook, by only posting tweets that end in "#fb" to your Facebook profile page. That would be wonderful, except that the twitterfeed posts automatically. I can't put the "#fb" hashmark at the end of the post.

Of course, in the process of writing this post, I decided to see if something could be done through Twitterfeed itself. Sure enough, you can put a suffix on each post. This should work well with Selective Twitter.

I'm not going to edit or delete this post. Instead, I'm going to use it as a test to see if this works. And as a warning to other that exploring all of your options before asking for help sometimes makes it so you don't have to ask in the first place.


  1. Thanks Dave! Very useful!

    Sean from MET

  2. Glad it worked for you, Sean! Since you're a student, you might be familiar with this feeling. When you're trying desperately to understand or figure out something, and it's just not working. And then suddenly, without warning, everything is crystal clear?

    That's what this was like. Also a head-slapping moment when I realized how easy it was. :)


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