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July 20, 2009

New rat? And an Urgent Plea to Canadians

After a weekend where I really had nothing to do, which gave me an opportunity to truly get this blog going, today was a bit busy. Can't really blog while I work! But I have promised myself I'm going to do at least one post a day until I get into the habit of doing this.

So tonight, we may be getting another rat. It's not definite yet, but we're going out to look. Petcetera has gone into bankruptcy proceedings, and is getting rid of a lot of their stuff. (I'd link to their site, but the only thing there is the notice of receivership). Of course, a lot of their "stuff" is the pets that they have on hand for sale. Since it's very possible that small animals for sale at these kinds of discounts will go to people that we don't want to have them, we've decided to see if there are any single rats to rescue from this predicament.

We currently have 5 rats, and we've decided over the last little while that the maximum we will ever have is 6. Thus, if there are any single rats for sale that look healthy, we will probably be getting another one tonight. Even I, the pet curmudgeon in the family, realize that this is a special circumstance. We have room for one more.

If you are reading this and you are in Canada (for some reason, I thought Petcetera was also in the US, but it is a Canadian company) and you are a pet lover, I urge you to go and see if there's any animal that you can rescue. The SPCA in Vancouver, and hopefully all over Canada, has stepped in and is doing their best as well, but I think they were overwhelmed even before this happened so anything to ease their burden is a good thing. If you normally adopt from the SPCA because you don't like pet stores, realize that many of the unbought animals will be going to the SPCA anyway.

Do it for the animals.

*edit: 9pm - well, we ended up with two rats. Both boys. They were the last two rats the store had, so we couldn't take just one.

We'll have to get them both neutered before we can integrate them, which negates the "cheap" factor. But it's worth it to keep them away from being food.


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