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June 17, 2010

Email or Facebook?

A while back I did a post on social media obsession, asking whether you did things like tweet from the bathroom (25% of people in that survey said yes!).

Mashable has another article asking yet another good question, with some statistics to back it up. What do you check first: email or Facebook?

"If you check e-mail first, the company said, you tend to be more task-oriented and only interact with brands online when you need something, such as researching a deal, getting information about promotions or finding new product information.

However, if start your day with a visit to Facebook, you might welcome “extracurricular” content from brands, such as interaction and entertainment that isn’t directly related to a purchase or business transaction."

I have to say that, when I get up, I find myself checking Facebook, my blog and stats, and then checking my email if I remember. Sometimes I actually forget to check my home email address on work days (though now that I'm mainly using Gmail, I do check that regularly at work). On the other hand, I have to find out if anybody has reached out to me through Facebook, Twitter, the blog, or wherever. So I guess I fall into the latter category.

The study Mashable quotes found that Facebook is the first thing checked for 11% of the US population, and that email still rules at 58%.

Check out the Mashable article for even more interesting stats.

What kind of Internet users are you? Do you go to your email first, or do you hop on the social media wagon and take it for your daily spin?

Or do you go somewhere else?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Edit: What a weird typo on the title! Obviously it's not the Email *of* Facebook. I've now changed that.


  1. I check my E mail first & then Facebook. Then I check to see your blogs & Deb's.

  2. Hi Dave!

    I always check email first. I don't use Facebook anyways, just my blog on Blogger, as I don't have time for social networking. Between 2 jobs and college in the fall, it's a wonder I have time to breathe, let alone be online at so many places.

    Happy trails!

  3. Yeah, lilBunny, I can see where you wouldn't have time for all of that. :)

    Speaking of no time, I will get back to reading your blog. I think I'm 9 posts behind, if my Reader is accurate. But I will get there!

  4. I open 2 tabs in my browser - gmail and facebook and start with the one that opens first :D
    But if it comes down to choosing between them, mail will win in any case!

  5. I check all of the same things several times a day. My gmail is important to me because facebook tells me what is going on in my emails. Checking my messages in facebook is pretty much a never since there are to many of them. My facebook account is setup to email me with preferred messages.

  6. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    It sounds like you're still with the majority.

  7. Email always first... Then twitter... then Facebook if I remember :) I'm a little backwards.


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