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July 28, 2009

Technological Oddities

I'm wondering if this is just me, but technology has been acting weird for me this morning.

1) Selective Twitter on Facebook neglected to post a blog post to my status despite the #fb tag being on the end of the tweet. Thought it was originally a Twitterfeed problem, but then discovered that it had been tweeted. Just not forwarded to Facebook. It was the one about comments now working, so it wasn't *that* important, but it's nice when things work right.

2) The reason I wasn't sure is because the Twitter search engine has been wonkier than normal this morning. I've got Seesmic Desktop set up with search columns for the following searches: "histerin," "@histerin" (to catch replies to me or mentions of me that the first search might not catch), "ubcmet" and "@ubcmet"

So far, some of my tweets have not shown up in the appropriate search column. I've missed a couple of replies because the "@histerin" search doesn't appear to be catching them. I also missed that the above-mentioned post had been tweeted.

3) That damned Twitviewer spam thing that got me and a bunch of other people I follow. I don't know if it's a true phish or not, but when you go to the page and log in to your Twitter account, it immediately causes you to tweet some Twitviewer spam. And then when you are logged in it doesn't even give you anything useful! If you see a tweet mentioning Twitviewer, do not click on the link.

The above problems were also happening with the @UBCMET, our office's twitter feed. It's all very unreal.

Wonder if there is a general Internet problem going on?

#edit: Apparently, that Twitviewer was a phish. I keep on getting locked out of my Twitter account because of too many attempts to log in. *sigh* I've changed my password, so I guess I just have to wait for the numerous attempts to subside?

#edit No 2: Also, as has been pointed out by some people on Mashable, "" is fine. The phish (which apparently has been taken down anyway) was ""


  1. One of the things I like about TweetDeck is the ability to choose Twitter, Facebook, or Twitter & Facebook for any tweet I send out. I'm also rather fond of Twitthat for tweeting web page links. I still need to give Seesmic Desktop a try one of these days.

    You probably heard that Twitter is going to be overhauling their site very soon as well, hoping more options there will encourage people to actually access their pages for their twittering needs.

    As for my day, we totally lost the Internet for several hours at work.

  2. Seesmic allows integration with Facebook as well, though it's either on or off. You have to go into the settings and activate it by adding your Facebook account to it. Thus, you can't choose which posts go there and which ones don't.

    It also reeeeeeeeeeeeeally slows down my computer at home when I have it integrated with Facebook for some reason.

    However, I've noticed that "Selective Twitter" works really well (except this one time, obviously). It does cost you 3 extra spaces (the #fb), but so far I'm happy.

    I'll have to take a look at Twitthat, though. What is it?


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