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August 8, 2009

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3

Call of Duty: World at War is a first-person shooter game that takes place in World War II. One of the best parts about this game (and most other shooters) is the fact that you can play the multiplayer online against other players, on a variety of maps. The game shipped with with quite a few of them (I'm thinking 8, but I can't remember offhand).

They've also previously released two map packs that have contained 3 multiplayer maps and a "zombie" map (once you've finished the single-player game, you can play zombie levels against rampaging hordes of Nazi undead, even playing with buddies).

Earlier this week, Map Pack 3 was released, and today I picked it up (you buy them online). Here are my thoughts after playing a bunch of games on them. Note: I don't play the zombie games, so I can't comment on those.

"Battery": This map pits the Americans against the Japanese on an American naval gun battery. The action is close and intense, with the sub-machine gun or STG assault rifle as the best weapons of choice. There are a couple of choke points that you can use for quick kills, though as with all of these maps, there are ways to get around even these points. It's my favourite of the three new maps, if "favourite" means the one I do best on. I can't imagine being a sniper on this map.

"Revolution": Intense street action in a shelled-out Russian city against the Germans. While the submachine guns work really well here, there are some really good lanes for machine gun fire as well, and even some good sniper positions. I like the double-level action as stairs are all over the place. There's even a building with three levels, that you can shoot from the third to the first (I shot a guy where all I could see was his feet once). I like this map too, just not quite as much.

"Breach": This map is Berlin around the Brandenberg Gate, a hollow shell of its former glory. Bombed and shelled-out buildings litter the streets, broken fountains and vehicles provide cover when you're not running from building to building (though those cars can explode so watch it if you're using them for cover). This is an excellent map for long-range gunners, either rifles or snipers, but if you stick to the buildings, there can be some intense close quarters fighting as well. This one I just haven't done that well on, mainly because there are too many directions that you can be shot from.

All in all, this is an excellent set of maps for killing your fellow players on. It's probably the best of the three so far, as there are maps on those that I actually don't like. Map Pack 3, it's just a matter of degree.


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