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August 7, 2009

Some Rat Introductions

I've mentioned the two new rats we have before, but you haven't really seen them before now. Also, we have another one from a few months ago, Harriet. We rescued her from a situation where the other rats in the cage were beating up on her. I don't know if she'll ever be normal, but she's sweet and cuddly and we're giving her the best life we can give her.

More after the jump:

This is Harriet the Hairless, our only hairless rat that's not an albino. Here, she's enjoying some pudding on the wife's lap.

Then there's Henrik and Daniel, named after the twins who are on the Vancouver Canucks. And these guys are twins. We can't tell them apart! This poor guy is the one who wouldn't stop chewing his staples out after his operation on Wednesday. So he has to wear that jacket for a little while.

This handsome devil is the other twin. He's been a good boy, so no jacket for him.

I think they will be very happy to join the girls soon, now that there isn't any danger. Meanwhile, Maude was returned to the cage with everybody else to finish recovering from her surgery. She's doing quite well too. She doesn't even bother trying to get her staples out, which is heaven to our ears.


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