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September 6, 2009

NCAA Football 10 Sliders

I've noticed a number of hits on this blog for my NCAA Football 10 posts, and a few of them use the keyword "sliders" in the search. For those who don't know, the artificial intelligence in the game can be adjusted to add or subtract difficulty from the game depending on your own skill level.

Anyway, for those of you who are searching for good sliders for your game, I thought I would post the ones I use for my Iowa State dynasty (and I'll watch the rest of the blog traffic click away from this post right

I got these sliders from one of the posters on the Xbox Forums for the game (I can't remember which one). As I played, I tweaked a couple of them, but these sliders give me a very good game (though those of you who feel that Iowa State should forever be in the basement of NCAA Football will probably think I've made these sliders too easy).

Anyway, here they are:
Quarter Length: 7:00
Skill: All-American
All the rest "On" except "Quiz the Quarterback"

User Offense:
QB Accuracy: 40
Pass Blocking: 45
WR Catching: 50
RB Ability: 50
Run Blocking: 50

CPU Offense:
QB Accuracy: 60
Pass Blocking: 65
WR Catching: 45
RB Ability: 80
Run Blocking: 45

User Defense:
Pass Coverage: 60
Pass Rush: 60
Interceptions: 25
Rush Defense: 25
Tackling: 60

CPU Defense:
Pass Coverage: 50
Pass Rush: 60
Interceptions: 25
Rush Defense: 60
Tackling: 50

User Special Teams:
FG Power: 20
FG Accuracy: 20
Punt Power: 50
Punt Accuracy: 10
Kickoff Power: 55

CPU Special Teams:
FG Power: 25
FG Accuracy: 50
Punt Power: 70
Punt Accuracy: 70
Kickoff Power: 55

Offsides: 85
False Start: 85
Holding: 50
Facemask: 50
Offensive Pass Interference: 90
Defensive Pass Interference: 90
KR/PR Interference: 90
Clipping: 55
Intentional Grounding: 85
Roughing the Passer: 85
Roughing the Kicker: 100

Despite the high settings for some of those, I still have never seen them called. I've never seen Offensive Pass Interference called, nor KR/PR Interference, and no Intentional Grounding except when I do it myself. And, even at 100, I've never seen Roughing the Kicker. Oh well!!!

These give me great and appropriate stats, though I may upgrade the CPU run defense a bit. My running back won the Heisman two years ago.

Let me know if they work for you!


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