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September 27, 2009

New Canucks Blog

After my earlier post about Posterous, I decided to go ahead and start a Canucks blog there.  I'm loving that it will automatically post to Twitter and Facebook too.  They just make it so easy!

Anyway, I was mildly annoyed that I couldn't add it very easily to Facebook's "Networked Blogs" app, mainly because there's no sidebar on Posterous where I can post their little widget, and I'm not sending a request to 9 friends to verify who I am.  The good thing is I don't need Networked Blogs for this, and it will post all by itself.  And, almost instantaneously too!  I've even added a Posterous tab to my Facebook profile which you can check out too.

Anyway, I call it The Canucks Shelf, and I hope that any Canucks fans reading this will go there, read and contribute comments.  And the rest of you, rest assured.  You will no longer be bored by Canucks posts again. See what I do for you?


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