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October 2, 2009

If Your'e Sick, Stay Home!

Woke up with a bit of a sore throat today.  It's most likely nothing, and will go away as I actually eat and drink something.  However, with everything that's going around right now, with our director supposedly having been exposed to someone who has H1N1 (though thankfully he's not sick), and with two pregnant women in the office, I'm not going to take any chances.  I'd rather take the sick day today and rest up to come back fighting on Monday than try and power through it and find out that it is something more serious than just a dry throat.

I used to be an ironman, using at most one sick day a year, and a couple of times no sick days.  I'd go to work feeling awful, and I probably was contagious (though thankfully I don't remember other people getting sick right after me which obviously tied into getting it from me, but I'll bet it did happen).  I don't know if I was a workaholic or just didn't want my work to slide or whatever, but I hated calling in sick.

But things have changed.  Partially because I just realized that it's better for my co-workers if I don't go in, as well as having a wife who gets sick rather easily from her co-workers.  Plus, we have sick days for a reason.

People don't want what you have if you're sick.  One of the best ways to affect productivity is for somebody to come to work sick, infecting everybody else.

I'll probably be fine on Monday.  But just in case, I think I'm going to go back and try and get some sleep.


  1. I hope your sore throat goes away soon. You are right. People should stay home if they don't feel good. I may call you tonight since I leave tomorrow for my cruise. If I call I will tell you the latest on Becky.

  2. Very thoughtful of you and wise.

    It sometimes frustrates me to no end that one of my husband's colleagues constantly comes to work sick. Of course, he ends up spreading "the love" around the office and at times it has come home to my daughter.

    I am especially concerned these days about H1N1 both as an expectant mum and for my daughter who is still very young. Hopefully more people will be as preventative in their thinking as you.

    I hope you get well soon.


  3. Much better this weekend. In fact, I was feeling better as the day wore on. Looks like it was nothing to worry about, but you never can tell anymore!

    Definitely (and the lazy part of me says, "unfortunately") will be back to work on Monday. The job's not going to do itself!

    As the post says, we have two pregnant women in our office. One isn't in the office much, but the other one I work closely with (though she works at home on Fridays anyway). As a whole, our office is taking steps to make sure that she doesn't get sick as much as possible.

    Thanks for the concern, Bernadette. :)


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