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October 12, 2009

Illness Update (or How I Spent My Long Weekend)

So I'm still a bit pissed off at the city of Vancouver for making my excursion while sick on Friday night be thoroughly pointless, but I didn't really have time to dwell on that after a while.

While throughout most of Friday, I was feeling tired, but otherwise fine, it started growing on me in the afternoon and I started sneezing.  Thankfully, there was hardly anybody in the office and I was able to avoid people anyway, and I didn't really feel that badly.  When I got home, I decided I was well enough to make the trip described in my last post.

Now, usually I'm able to fight these things off.  I've taken to actually using a sick day here and there (I used to fight through them unless I was really bad), but usually I don't feel badly enough that I couldn't go to work if I really had to.  But Friday night, somebody decided to turn it up a notch.
Once we got home from our walk from the mall, I started feeling a bit worse.  Nothing too bad, just kind of achy and sore, my head was (as I said earlier) about 10 times its normal size.  I went to bed relatively early on Friday night, which is unusual for me.  Ok, 12:15 might be late for some of you, but it's early for me on a Friday.  I sometimes go into the bedroom around that time, but I usually stay up and read for an hour or two.  This time, I barely had the concentration to read 3-4 pages before I had to put the book down and turn out the light.

Then Saturday morning hit.  Ohhhh, did Saturday morning hit.  I wanted to charge Saturday morning with assault, it hit me so hard.  I got up really early, not being able to sleep again once I woke up.  My excessive snoring (I snore anyway, but when I can't breathe because of a cold, it gets even worse) had kept the wife up most of the night, so I thought I would give her a breather as well since I couldn't sleep anyway.  She insisted that if I was staying up, I should have lots of orange juice and wrap myself in a blanket.  I sat at the computer for about an hour doing various things (reading The Corner, doing Facebook things, stuff like that).  I then decided to bundle up and sit in front of the TV, but Saturday morning TV is pretty worthless.  I didn't want to get involved in movie because I might decide to fall asleep.  Thankfully, I had just purchased the complete Rat Patrol television series on DVD.  There are eight episodes to a disc, and I had only watched the first two so far.  That's 3 hours of entertainment in half-hour snippets, so I can doze off at any time and stop watching!  It worked out perfectly.

Of course, I didn't doze off until I was done with the the first disc (I love that show), but did almost as soon as I turned on College Football instead.  I stayed that way until the wife finally got up (remember, I had kept her awake most of the night, and it was a Saturday).

I then started playing some video games, just something to take my mind off how stuffed my head was, how sore my throat and almost entire body was, and the annoying cough I had.  I was nice and warm in my blanket, though.

Throughout the day I felt worse and worse, with no real appetite.  I did take a 3-hour nap that night, which helped some.  Thankfully, when I woke up yesterday, I felt a lot better.  I was still coughing and I was still very achy, but my head was only two times normal size now and, compared to Saturday, I actually felt pretty good.  I spent my usual Sunday of watching football (Go Steelers!) and general vegging, with some computer stuff.  Had much more of an appetite last night, though it's still not all there yet.  Today I woke up, and while I have the sniffles and still have a cough, and I'm still a bit achy, I don't feel too badly otherwise.  I would probably stay home if today was a work day, but I should definitely be fine enough to go to work tomorrow.

Isn't it fun to get sick on a Friday night and recover just in time to go to work?  I know I'm thrilled....

What annoyed me the most, however, is the loss of the productive writing time.  I usually use my Saturday and Sunday mornings to pound out reviews, do the occasional blog post, keep updated on Twitter (though yesterday I was doing pretty good on the Twitter thing), and I was looking forward to having three days like that!  I'm behind on my reviews and I'd like to do some other writing as well.  But I couldn't even tie two coherent thoughts together the entire weekend, at least not thoughts that would be even remotely interesting to anybody but my wife.  I did get a review done of Tess Gerritsen's The Keepsake this morning, but I'm not sure how much more energy I'll have this morning after doing this blog post.  Maybe I'll get another one done.

So, for those of you who care, I appear to be well on the mend.  I would guess this wasn't any kind of flu, considering how fast I've ultimately gotten over it.  Just another bad head cold that I usually get once or twice a year (usually not this early, though).  I also seem to have neglected to give it to the wife, which we both are eternally grateful for.

Tomorrow, once more unto the breach!

*UPDATE* I forgot to mention that, as usual, I'll post the link to my review of The Keepsake when it's posted on Curled Up With a Good Book. But you can find my other reviews of Gerritsen's books in the meantime.  They're all stellar.


  1. Sounds like you had a lousy weekend. Sure hope the cough doesn't linger. Keep me posted on how you are feeling. You know how anxious I am to have you feel good.


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